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Since I was little, painting has been one of my favorite activities. 6 years ago I started to stop consuming animal products and art materials couldn't be far behind. While investigating, I realized that painting and, specifically, watercolor was made with ingredients such as honey, ox gall and glycerin. The combination of these needs, painting and stopping supporting the meat industry, gave rise to an idea: start making my own cruelty-free watercolors. It was in 2020 when I decided to market them, thinking about all those people who perhaps were in the same position as me.

How are Aletheia watercolors made?

The main objective of Aletheia Acuarelas is to formulate a product of optimal quality and suitable for all types of watercolor artists, from beginners to professionals. The main difference that Aletheia Acuarelas has compared to other brands is that its formulation is made avoiding ingredients of animal origin, so both the pigments and the binder are cruelty-free. The hand selection of each ingredient allows us to avoid those that are not in line with our philosophy: respect for animals and the search for a sustainable product. For this reason, Aletheia Acuarelas does not contain honey, ox gall, glycerin or pigments from animals. The production of Aletheia watercolors takes place in the south of Spain, specifically in Seville. The mixtures are made following the traditional paint making method where the pigment is emulsified with the binder by grinding it under pressure from a grinder. Each watercolor pan is manually poured and cured while respecting drying times to ensure optimal pigmentation. The wrapping and labeling with the name of the color and the nomenclature of the pigments used is also done by hand. The final result is a watercolor pan of more than 3 milliliters that, being made only with pigment and binder, has a very high pigmentation and therefore, optimal light resistance. The range of colors available includes matte and glossy shades. Within the matte colors we offer a wide range of classic colors and unique colors that have been created by mixing various pigments to obtain a unique tone that you will only find here.

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